Project Management & Administration

Our consulting engineers at the construction stage of the project comprise all or any of the following as may be necessary in a particular project:

  • advising on and preparing formal contract documents, including the letter of acceptance for carrying out the works or any part of them;
  • inspecting and testing during manufacture and installation such electrical and mechanical materials, machinery and plant supplied for incorporation in the works as are necessary where the inspection and test are within the technical competence of the consulting engineer, and arranging and
    witnessing the acceptance test;
  • advising the client on the need for a special inspection or test;
  • advising the client on the appointment of site staff;
  • preparing any further designs and drawings relating to the works;
  • examining and approving the contractor’s proposals and his working drawings relating to the works;
  • making such visits to the site as the consulting engineer considers
    necessary to satisfy himself as to the performance of any site staff so that the works are executed generally according to contract or otherwise in accordance with good engineering practice;
  • giving all necessary instructions relating to the works to the contractor;
  • issuing all certificates as are required in the contract;
  • performing any duties which the consulting engineer may be required to carry out under any document which he has prepared for the execution of the works;
  • delivering to the client on the completion of the works such records and manufacturer’s manuals as are reasonably necessary to enable the client to operate and maintain the works;
  • deciding any dispute or difference arising between the client and the contractor in connection with the works, provided that this professional service shall not extend to advising the client following the taking of any step in or towards any arbitration or litigation in connection with the works.