Preliminary Analysis

This stage comprise all or any of the following as may be necessary in a particular contract:

  • investigating data and information relevant to the works and considering any reports relating to the works;
  • advising the client on making any further topographical survey of the proposed site of the works which may be necessary to supplement available topographical information;
  • advising the client on the need to carry out any geotechnical investigation which may be necessary, arranging for the investigation, certifying the amount of any payments to be made to the persons or companies carrying out the investigation under the consulting engineer’s direction, and advising the client on the results of the investigation;
  • advising the client on the need for the carrying out special surveys, special investigations or model tests and advising the client of the results of any such investigations carried
  • consulting any local or other approving authorities on matters in connection with the works;
  • consulting any architect appointed by the client in connection with the architectural treatment of the works;
  • preparing such reports and documents as are necessary to for the client to consider the consulting engineer’s proposals, including alternative proposals, for the construction of the works, and to enable the client to apply for approval from the appropriate authorities for the works to be carried out.